We perform a number of regular activities. Additional, ad-hoc activities complement our work.

Activities include:
  • A regular internal research meeting where cluster members present their ongoing research projects to each other. This meeting has the objective to promote joint research projects among cluster members
  • A regular research seminar with invited guest speakers from leading, worldwide institutions. This seminar has the objective to increase external visibility of our cluster and to promote joint research projects with external researchers
  • Invitation of visiting professors or post-doctoral researchers. These activities have the objective to re-enforce long-term research projects and to lead to high-quality publications
  • Examples of additional research activities are publication of books and collections, organization of discussion forums, applications for research project funding, etc. 

In particular, we seek to improve collaboration with our academic partners, such as the member schools of the Council on Business and Society and the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK).

The cluster is intended to span the different campuses of ESSEC Business School.