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NEXT SEMINAR 2022/2023

In this section, you will find the information (Speaker/Guest, abstract, date & time slot , location, online registration link..) about the upcoming seminar during the year. The seminar registrations will be on Eventbrite and everyone is welcome, from within ESSEC as well as from outside.

Mathieu DAHAN - Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

December 14th, 12pm - 1.15pm / F124, Campus Cergy

Prescriptive Analytics for Profit Maximization in Time-Sensitive E-Commerce Retailing

Abstract: In this work, we propose a prescriptive approach for designing a middle mile consolidation network that aims to maximize the profit of large e-commerce retailers. We embed lead-time dependent sales volume predictions into a new mixed-integer program (MIP) that determines shipment lead times and consolidation plans to maximize sales revenue net logistics cost. The MIP extends traditional flat network designs to capture waiting delays between load dispatches and ensure that shipment lead-time requirements are satisfied with a desired probability. We propose a solution approach that uses an IP-based local search and dynamic lead-time selection to find excellent consolidation plans for large, practically-sized instances. Computational experiments using data from a large U.S.-based e-commerce partner specializing in large and bulky items demonstrate the significant impact of flexible lead-time selection on the structure of the consolidation network designs and their concomitant operating costs.

This work is joint with Lacy Greening, Jisoo Park, Alan Erera, and Benoit Montreuil.

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